Appartamento Casa Flamminio 

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Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the sea.
 The accommodation is located near the nature, flora, fauna and countryside.

Price starting from: 15 €


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Accommodation: Appartamento Casa Flamminio

On the hills of San Vito, two Kilometers from the sea and overlooking Costa Trabocchi House Flaminio to brighten your stay unforgettable nature, sport and entertainment. Situated on a ridge towards the sea, San Vito Chietino country brooms (as he liked to call D'Annunzio), overlooking the boundless blue waters of the Adriatic and looks away from Punta Penna di Vasto, Mount Gargano, Tremiti Islands and more closely at the promontory of Ortona


    beautiful apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom with shower and a large veranda,


      free wi-fi, laundry, TV, safe, parking


        We are in the hills, among the olive trees and the blue of the sea, 12 km from Lanciano historic city that is home to the miracle of the Eucharist, 40 km from the National Park of Abruzzo 2 km from the beach, 11 km from Ortona, 3 km exit highway 45 km from Pescara airport, 2 km from the house of Gabriele D'Annunzio

        •  Sea

        Prices and Rates:

        Prices per person per night from 15 € a 25