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Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the ski slopes and ski resorts.
 The accommodation is located near mountains and hills.
 The accommodation is located near lakes.

Price starting from: 25 €


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Accommodation: B&B Il Girasole

House recently renovated, with simple furnishings and linear. Located in a small village in the heart of Val Germanasca, surrounded by woods, ideal for those who like to spend a few days in peace.
Ideal for lovers of fishing and harvesting of mushrooms, or for those who prefer hiking on foot or by mountain bike.
In addition, for the lovers of skiing, near popular locations such as: Prali (15 min), Pragelato (35 min) and Sestriere (45 min).

  •  Rural tourism
  •  Families welcome
  •  Panoramic position


The property offers three bedrooms with private bathrooms, one for disabled people, TV room, laundry, private parking and garden.

  •  Heating
  •  Private bathroom
  •  Disabled access
  •  Mountain view room
  •  Common area for guests
  •  Return free
  •  Balcony
  •  Garden
  •  parking area
  •  Terrace


Breakfast is served in the kitchen, on the basis of typical sweet and salty in the summer months can be enjoyed
all outside on the terrace where you can enjoy a wide panorama.

  •  Breakfast included
  •  Excursions
  •  laundry


The fascination of the Val Germanasca charm is a little 'wild of its mountains, its country of old houses where they keep the traditions alive.
It is a narrow and winding valley, planted on terraces in the first section (Wine Ramie DOC), becomes steep and rough and only occasionally enlarging kisses in green and flat. It is flown by a winding road that begins in Argentina Perosa and ends over the Prali Ghigo, following the course of the stream Germanasca, who, in some periods of 'year is a meeting point for many of the kayak.
It is the ideal place for those who truly love the mountains, for those who want to collect herbs and mushrooms, for anyone interested in minerals or those who just want to make two steps there are in the nature trails of varying difficulty.
Successfully completed the village of Perrero the road forks into two directions. One branch goes towards Massello, from which you can leave for a walk towards Balsiglia, and continuing in the valley of the waterfall to Ghinivert of Pis.
L 'other branch continues into the downstream direction Prali, where, arriving at Ghigo, you can take the chairlift to start a walk of the plateau Thirteen Lakes. After about an 'now we reach the destination where many ravines are home to the lakes that give the plateau its name.
A beautiful excursion by car, from larch and birch trees, is the Conca di Cialancia, where you can see the first lake of Lausoun, and, continuing on foot, you arrive at Porta Cialancia, from which one can enjoy a wonderful panorama.
For lovers of winter sports there are a Prali lifts for alpine skiing and over 22 kilometers of trails for Nordic skiing. There are also two skating rinks, one in and one to Prali Salza di Pinerolo.
Val Germanasca along with Valli Chisone and Pellice are the Waldensian Valleys. To bring to the fore the three valleys were the hardest battles conducted by Valdese population to assert their autonomy and their freedom of worship. It is in these places that some followers of Peter Valdo fled to escape persecution by Innocent III banned all beginning of the twelfth century. Amedeo II of Savoy granted them the opportunity to emigrate to Switzerland. It was finally an edict of 17 February stated by Carlo Alberto, who finally recognized the Church Valdese. The news came in the valleys through the lighting of bonfires that gave the signal from one village to 'other. That is why even today the evening of February 16 bonfires are lit, and 17 are held parades and cults.
The signs of the tradition of culture valdese remained rooted in the population and are present in small museums scattered in many countries of the valleys, in the traditional costumes and the language, the 'Occitan spoken in everyday life.

Here are some museums Germanasca Valley and surrounding areas:
- Scopriminiera: 2 / 3 hours of guided tour to discover the wealth of talc largest d 'Europe. With a train you forward in the heart of the mountains to the discovery of reality mining lived in this valley.
- Museum of Historic Valdese Balsiglia: 1 hour of access to address the issue of the Waldenses.
- Museum of Valdese Prali and Val Germanasca: 1 hour guided tour on the history and culture of Prali and Valle.
- Museum of Rodoretto: 1 hour guided tour to discover the life and culture of the mountain.
- Museum of Pomaretto: museum consists of full-scale reproductions of ancient crafts and daily life.
- Salza di Pinerolo: you can admire the many murals dedicated to the songs of Italian singers and songwriters.
- Mulino Fassi, Perrero: an old mill which once ground grain and wheat.
- Museums of antiaircraft shelters, and a Villar Perosa Argentina Perosa: 1 hours for each site for a guided tour for groups antiaircraft shelters of the Second World War. You can also visit an exhibition on the Resistance.
- Museum of Valdese Pramollo: small museum that deals with the topic 'Education in the Waldensian Valleys.
- Valdese Museum and Museum of skiing, San Germano Chisone: Museum covering the work and the status of women in the valley, a small museum on the history of skiing in the valleys.
- Fort Fenestrelle visits of varying duration (from 1 hour to 8 hours) to an old military fortress consists of three united fortified by several steps and a total length of nearly 3 km, called the Great Wall of Piedmont.
- Museum of Mechanical and Bearing, Villar Perosa: all 'interno dell' former RIV an exhibition of documentary material and mechanical.
In addition the famous Pinerolo Cavalry with its museum.

  •  Mountain
  •  Landscape

Prices and Rates:

Prices per person per night from 25 € a 30
Prices double room per night from 50 € a 50