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Country House Aia di Lazzaro 

C/DA S. ELIA, 16, 83034 Casalbore (Avellino, Campania)
Type: Country House
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Accommodation: Country House Aia di Lazzaro

Aia di Lazzaro (Lazarus) is a multi-functional facility. At the Country House, guests can arrange any event, after receiving friends at the business meeting.


    The property has three bedrooms for a total 10 beds The structure is surrounded by open countryside with extensive views. Well exposed, is also for short breaks or weekends away from the daily stress, to be spent in complete relaxation with family and friends.


      The property offers the opportunity to stay with breakfast and catering service with typical cuisine based on local product.


        The cuisine is simple and strictly based on local produce. Except in very limited categories of products, select Aia di Lazzaro (Hague Lazarus) supplies directly from local firms, mainly agricultural, that with dedication, experience and passion remain intact, the authenticity of the typical local traditional production. Aia di Lazzaro (Hague Lazarus) also produces its own fresh pasta such as fusilli, tagliatelle, ravioli and supplies in place of fruits, vegetables, legumes.

        •  Mountain

        Prices and Rates:

        Prices per person per night from 30 € a 30

        Kind of Vacation:

         Pets and small pets (dog, cat, etc.) are allowed.
         The accommodation is located near the nature, flora, fauna and countryside.
         The accommodation is located near mountains and hills.

        Pictures: Country House Aia di Lazzaro

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