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Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets (dog, cat, etc.) are allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the sea.
 The accommodation is located near the arts, museums and monuments.
 The accommodation is located near the nature, flora, fauna and countryside.

Price starting from: 35 €


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Accommodation: B&B Charlie Chaplin

Guests are accommodated in a house of the '30s, completely renovated, situated in the center of the country, but in rural locations. The property is 10 km from Ferrara, 8 km from the Po River and 45 km from Comacchio in a quiet and silent.

  •  Open all the year
  •  Families welcome
  •  Groups welcome


B&B has three bedrooms (one double and two quadruple used as single and triple) with private bathroom and air conditioning, ideal for families and professionals. Each room is dedicated to a film by Charlie Chaplin, decorated with movie posters, posters, photos, stamps.
Upon entering the premises will seem to go back in time to the silent films in black and white, and travel through the world of film at the pace you want to indulge yourself, to your tranquility in the company of Charlie Chaplin.
The breakfast, with organic food and homemade, is served in the room devoted to Geraldine Chaplin.

  •  Conditioned air
  •  Heating
  •  Private bathroom
  •  Kitchenette
  •  Common area for guests
  •  Return free
  •  Balcony
  •  parking area
  •  Terrace


Services offered: breakfast buffet with organic food and homemade, bicycle rental, shuttle service to / from Ferrara, laundry and ironing.

  •  Breakfast included
  •  Tasting of typical products
  •  Shuttle service - airport
  •  Internet connection
  •  Bike rent
  •  laundry


The building stands to be located a few kilometers from Ferrara in the direction of Comacchio and the Abbey of Pomposa. The property is located only 8 miles from the river Po, in particular the resort of Ro Ferrarese, where he visited a mill on the river, built by Bacchelli cited the example of the mills in the novel The Mill on the Po owners offer free bikes for trips along the bike path Po Right To visit: the Valleys of Comacchio, the Abbey of Pomposa, Goro, Gorini and the lighthouse, the valleys of silver and Bando.

  •  Sea

Prices and Rates:

Prices per person per night from 35 € a 40
Prices double room per night from 65 € a 70 €Week prices from 220 € a 252