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 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the arts, museums and monuments.

Price starting from: 30 €


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Accommodation: Hotel Plaza

The central and strategic position (the area around the main square) and a new design in an elegant period building, make the Hotel Plaza the ideal place to stay when you arrive in Caltanissetta.

The Hotel Plaza has 32 rooms equipped and furnished in contemporary style to satisfy every request. Large, comfortable beds, private baths, satellite TV, air conditioning, safes, direct dial telephone are some of the services in the hotel. The hotel reception is open 24 hours on 24.


    The Hotel Plaza has 32 rooms including single, double and triple rooms on four floors and equipped with private facilities.

    All rooms are newly renovated and soundproofed with double windows.

    All rooms have private baths, inside which there are shower and hairdryer.
    All apartments are equipped with color television, direct dial telephone, minibar, safe and central air conditioning.

    The rooms furnished with care and sobriety reproduce a comfortable and cozy, but yet elegant and functional. The rooms are well lit and equipped with a separate entrance, are characterized by two types of styles: classic and modern.


      The services that the Hotel Plaza offers its clients are many, all of which aim to offer an extremely refined living, full of relaxation, culture and fun for both the tourist and the businessman.
      External services agreements are warranted in order to best meet the varied needs of our customers.

      The recent agreement with the Medina restaurant, just steps from the Hotel, allows us to provide our customers with a lunch nice and full of excellent homemade cuisine. The chef recommended dishes of the cuisine, particularly light and balanced for a break from work, rich and full for those who love refined cooking, being able to entertain more time and relive the pleasant feeling of being surrounded by a welcoming atmosphere. For lovers of hiking, we recommend visiting museums and churches in the city, near the nature reserves around the area, or along the beautiful circuit from the ancient castles of the province. We will advise you and guides you a memorable stay.


        Monuments in Caltanissetta


        Dedicated to Santa Maria La Nova and San Michele, the Cathedral of Caltanissetta was built on several 'occasions between 1570 and the recently the dome and the transept, built in the middle' of this a large portal with a Baroque facade and two two bell of

        Church of the Holy Spirit

        Probably built before the year one thousand, and 'the most' ancient churches Nissen. E 'in the Romanesque style and has three small apses. Many, over the centuries, the remodeling. There currently are preserved paintings of great artistic value, the ancient sacred texts and a Roman font.

        Sant'Agata at Collegio

        According to tradition, the spot where stands the present church there existed in the sixteenth century, a smaller one dedicated to Saint Agatha, next to which Donna Luisa De Luna and Vega and his son Francesco Moncada founded in 1588, the College of the Society of Jesus . Designed by Christmas Masucci.

        Chiesa di San Sebastiano

        Founded in 1500 as homage to the saint by the local people for liberation from the plague, the church of S. Sebastian is situated within in P. P.zza Garibaldi in front of the Cathedral. The church, resized and restored several times, presents an eclectic century facade with three orders.

        Archaeological Museum

        The museum collects documents relating to human settlements and the neighboring areas of Caltanissetta, from origins to late antiquity. The collections are among the most important in Sicily, including outfits, decorated vases and Attic red-figure vases, utensils and articles of bronze and ceramic.

        Diocesan Museum

        The Diocesan Museum is located at the premises of the Episcopal Seminary of Caltanissetta, in Viale Regina Margherita 29. Among the most important works of art that can be admired inside there is a 'work attributed to Raphael, a series of paintings by Borremans, Filippo Paladini and Nyssa Vincenzo Roggeri.

        The circuit of the Castles of the Province

        Castelvecchio Mazzarino

        Il Castello di Mazzarino is defined Castelvecchio. To all Mazzarinesi, the Castle is known as U CANNUNI, the only round tower, almost cannon, which rises into the sky. Rises to the north, so close to housing, to give the illusion of being able to touch, reaching out from the clearing of the Immaculate.

        Castello Chiaramonte Mussomeli

        The castle, located two kilometers from Mussomeli, is built on a limestone cliff at a height of about 80 meters. Almost at the base of the rock is a wall to defend the stradella access. The summit has a second wall surrounding the residential part.

        Castellaccio Delia

        To the west of the country, on a hill full of sharp rocks and limestone, are the ruins of a medieval castle, called Castellaccio. The date of its construction is uncertain and seems to have been amended and made larger by the Aragonese in 1469 ruled Sicily.

        Norman Castle Butera

        The museum collects documents relating to human settlements and the neighboring areas of Caltanissetta, from origins to late antiquity. The collections are among the most important in Sicily, including outfits, decorated vases and Attic red-figure vases, utensils and articles of bronze and ceramic.

        Castello di Falconara

        Il Castello di Falconara, stands on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. The original structure retains a square tower that the men of the time used for housing falcons, hence the name of the castle. Ugone of Santapau in the was given by King Martin of Aragon.

        Il Castellucio Gela

        The Castello Svevo, better known as 'Castelluccio' stands on a hill overlooking the coast and gypsum to defend the city of Gela. The origins of the castle date back, according to historical records, in 1143 when Count Simon of Butera donated it to the Abbot of the Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena in CT.

        Nature reserves in the area

        And Valle Monte Capodarso dell'Imera

        In the heart of Sicily, between the provinces of Enna and Caltanissetta lies one of the most beautiful natural areas in the region. It stands along the river Imera south, between the foot of Mount Capodarso and Mount Sabucina, in an archaeological context and natural beauty.

        Biviere Gela

        And 'one of the most important wetlands in Sicily. For the geographical location, climatic conditions and other factors, is one of the most important staging areas for migration and displacement of many water birds every year moving from Africa to Northern Europe and vice versa.

        Lake breached

        The reserve, extending approximately 13 hectares, lies within the territory of the Municipality of Caltanissetta and is about 8 km from the town of Marianopoli. The lake is located east of Mt Mimiani at an altitude of about 370 meters above sea level. The lake has an area of 3400 square meters, a perimeter of 219 m. and a maximum depth of m.

        Monte Conca

        Is located in central Sicily, in the province of Caltanissetta. Falls exactly within the township of Campofranco with an area of 2.45 sq. km E 'was set up to protect caves and karst phenomena singular surface very interesting from the standpoint of science and nature.

          Prices and Rates:

          Prices per person per night from 30 € a 40
          Prices double room per night from 49 € a 80 €Week prices from 238 € a 560