B&B Napoli Centrale Hotel 

Piazza Garibaldi 26, 80142 Naples (Naples, Campania)   Type: B&B    Page visited 2908 times since 23.11.2009

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Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the sea.
 The accommodation is located near the arts, museums and monuments.

Price starting from: 25 €


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Accommodation: B&B Napoli Centrale Hotel

In this historic building from the late in the office and commercial heart of the City, a small luxury hotel, devoted to the tourism of business but also to those who want to enjoy the beauty of the town. It offers its guests a uniquely elegant, reserved and quiet, equipped with all the amenities needed to satisfy the most special, a place where we can be guests and not customers.


    10 rooms all with private bath and tastefully furnished and well curate.Fornite of TV air conditioning and free internet access.


      Breakfast included in the price of milk, cappuccino, coffee, tea etc.. accompanied by a cornet, biscotatte slices and biscuits.


        In the Central Railway Station Square in downtown Naples and historic city.

        •  Sea

        Prices and Rates:

        Prices per person per night from 25 € a 35