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Piazza F. Cordova , 94010 Aidone (Enna, Sicily)   Type: Vacation Home    Page visited 4340 times since 04.05.2011

Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the arts, museums and monuments.
 The accommodation is located near the nature, flora, fauna and countryside.
 The accommodation is located near mountains and hills.

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Accommodation: Vacation Home San Filippo

The Holiday House is the brainchild of San Filippo provide to all customers
freedom in the rented house but to miss all the services
made available in the classic hotel or Bed & Breakfast.
Located in the historic heart of the charming town of Aidone and in particular
in the vicinity of the Church of Santa Maria La Cava, which is situated within the l
a famous statue of San Filippo venerated by many faithful from all over Sicily, and from which
this House takes its name.


    Inside the house is built with the utmost attention to detail that goes,
    from the floors made of parquet, the kitchen where all appliances are present,
    the bedrooms with wooden furnitures and relaxation room where of course
    there the sofa and the TV and not least the house is air conditioned and all
    in summer and winter.


      Holiday home, with the possibility of table linen


        Located in the town of Aidone hosting
        as well as the famous Venus of Morgantina excavations and all of its architectural heritage

        •  Mountain