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 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the sea.

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Accommodation: Hotel I Piani de la Bruca

The Luxury Resort Plans Bruca De La Scalea is dedicated to all those who have come to expect from a holiday comfort and enjoyment but also in respect of the territory and the Environment.
An eco-friendly holiday, therefore, in Calabria is possible. In fact, the first hotel in Scalea is zero km, a four-star Resort that will give you unforgettable emotions.
At Luxury Resort Plans De La Bruca you can stay in the old stables or in the original stables, or even in the barn ... all renovated rooms offer maximum comfort at all times.
There are 12 rooms and 14 residences, each flat with its own personality, sometimes linked to herbs, sometimes with flowers, in every case with the desire to tell a piece of land.
All rooms are equipped with wi fi, air conditioning, color TV, hairdryer, mini bar, telephone and safe. The 4 apartments of the barn overlooking the beautiful pool.
The jewel of the restaurant is Bruca The Barn. To a real restaurant Scalea zero km where you will taste only products of the land of Calabria. Just let us win on taste and health and the land we gain in terms of reducing air pollution caused by transportation of goods.
The Luxury Resort Plans Bruca De La Scalea is also perfect for your wedding. A magnificent setting that will turn your dreams into reality for the most beautiful day.


    Risen to new life from the restoration of historic properties master, La Bruca plans consists of a number of bodies (the Barn, the Stable, the Stable) environmentally friendly, respectful of the natural context in which they insist.
    AI plans of La Bruca you can stay in the old stables or in the original stables, or even in the barn, all renovated rooms offer maximum comfort at all times.
    There are 12 rooms and 14 residences, each flat with its own personality, sometimes linked to herbs, sometimes with flowers, in every case with the desire to tell a piece of land.
    All rooms are equipped with wi fi, air conditioning, color TV, hairdryer, mini bar, telephone and safe. The 4 apartments of the barn overlooking the beautiful pool.


      The structure located in a strategic position between sea and mountains allows a wide range of excursions which reach various types of interest and reference areas;
      The complex has a great restaurant called the granary which shows a large dining room with kitchen, grill and pizzeria on sight on sight with double oven.
      Inside the luxury resort plans of the grazing area are well equipped and organized 3 bar
      The luxury resort filled with the de la grazing is proposed as a sports center open and active all year. in practice it and many different sports and all at a competitive level even recognized by their national federations through instructors excellent. the entire center and 'named after the famous soccer player Gianni Rivera who appreciate the quality, reliability and purpose. gianni rivera and 'also a regular customer of the city center and' assiduous practitioner of our tennis courts.
      The 'grazing the tennis club - Lello Bocchetti 'and' a great reality of the structure and offers the possibility of a serious and professional school with a 'qualified instructor and a structure recognized by the fit (the Italian tennis federation).
      The club has two new hard courts of which is covered by a pressostruttura that allows you to take exercise in the event of adverse weather conditions, both fields are lighted and is' therefore can also play at night.
      The riding club 'the grazing - Mariano Fazio' is the sporting tradition of this structure that for many years and 'on the national and international enough to be a recognized benchmark for national equestrian world. the center and 'affiliated with the FISE, Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports. the instructor leading the club and 'the knight to whom Zito and' also carried a riding school that deals with the beginners to start this noble activity as well as prepare their riders for racing activities. The riding club the grazing - Mariano Fazio and 'obviously open and running all year.
      The soccer field (football 5) of the luxury resort of the plans and grazing 'was recently expanded and renovated. a new natural grass field that now reaches international standard measures dictated by fifa (Mt x 40 mt 20). a carpet soft and smooth for the game of football than 5 but in the Italian lends itself easily for lots of teams composed of 6 elements.
      Swimming pools and swimming lessons and diving. The luxury resort plans of the grazing offers its guests the use of a fantastic swimming pool located within the center. it is a bath of huge proportions and irregularly shaped. Its peculiarities and 'given by coating made of small mosaic tiles colored blue sea. the pool and 'infinity-edge and also meets all relevant safety and hygiene in force. the pool and 'surrounded by green lawn with natural shadow points (including a few olive trees) and offers valuable beds available between guests may make use until depleted rotation.
      Another peculiarity of the tank and 'data from the generous area operated by the tub-lifeguard lifeguard on simple request. another popular feature, and to offer a separate low background for the joy and security of children.
      The archery and 'another sport that is practiced within the luxury resort of the grazing plans. for such activities and 'identified a suitable air of the complex is completely fenced and made safe.
      The rock climbing is considered by many as an extreme sport, but in reality, 'a simple and fun. Inside the resort, going to enhance old silos were built magnificent walls that allow you to perform all the basic courses in this discipline with confidence. Right in the town of staircase there is an important school is also responsible for didactic part of rock climbing in the resort. After the first phase of training within the complex will be possible, under the guidance of expert climbers to test their newly acquired skills on rock walls of small-medium high difficulty situated a few kilometers from the complex.
      Table tennis. The luxury resort plans of the grazing also offers two new and modern tables for ping pong. tables are approved for national competitions. The center collaborates with instructors and trained by the national federation.
      The bowling green and 'another discipline inside the complex, this activity much beloved by children and elders allows hours of relaxation in a magnificent special green area equipped for a healthy and fun.
      The plans of the luxury resort welcomes its tourists grazing inside the most exclusive beach of the coast. This is the sea shore of poplars site as the crow flies right in front of the complex which is just meters from the beach consists of sand at least 80 meters wide and made of fine white sand. The crystal blue sea slopes gently and reached a couple of meters deep after about 4 meters from the shoreline. This is a beach that is home to a total of only 60 umbrellas, 26 of which intended exclusively for our customers and the remainder to an established clientele confirms that stable high level from year to year their desks. Our 26 umbrellas for our 26 rooms for our clients are all in the front row. Each station and 'given by an umbrella and two sunbeds. they are arranged so wide and certainly at a distance greater than normal by the laws. Lido unique and comprehensive services to all beach also offers 2 tennis courts, 1 beach volleyball court, a lawn area, showers with hot water without tokens, reserved parking and numbered.
      The luxury resort plans of the grazing has the pleasure and honor to have as its artistic director the well-known television presenter and talent scout Valerio Merola to which 'was also named the amphitheater of the center. This property offers comfortable seating for over 400 delimited by soft pads and a large stage can also accommodate large events as was done in the past (Dario Vergassola, Bollani, etc). every summer it plays an important event and theater-like events) by the film actress Helen Fazio, whose program for summer 2012 must still be submitted.
      The accommodation 'consists of various types of rooms and units furnished luxuriously, finished with quality materials and complete all services provided by a 4-star superior.


        The Luxury Resort Plans de la Bruca and 'located within the coast of the cedars which and' very famous for its ancient cultivation of the sacred citrus annually leading rabbis from around the world in the river to choose the 'perfect fruit 'to be used on the feast of Sukkot.
        The resort and recreational areas are located in one of the most 'important and interesting of the whole Mediterranean. To the north of Calabria, Basilicata and from a few kilometers from its true pearl of the Tyrrhenian Maratea. Endless miles of coastline and beaches at times diametrically opposed to each other in conformation and scenery, cliffs, white sand, white sand and golden, deep beaches, bays and coves, all with views of genuine diamonds emerging from the sea as the island of Cirencester and the magical island of Dino.
        Inland, however, ancient villages perched on small promontories that are nothing more that the slopes of the massif of Pollino, that overlooks the majestic and silent, and oversees the entire coast.
        The 'luxury resort - Plans de la Bruca 'and' situated exactly on the border between the town of Scalea and Santa Maria Cedar, on the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Cosenza.
        The luxury resort plans of the grazing observe the utmost respect for nature that

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        Prices per person per night from 45 € a 130 €