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Campeggio Agri Sophia 

sp 85 , 96017 Noto Costa siciliana orientale (Syracuse, Sicily)
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Accommodation: Campeggio Agri Sophia

A stone's throw from the ancient village of Marzamemi. Behind Pachino, land of good wine and home of the cherry tomato. In the area of ​​Noto, the perfect baroque city. Surrounded by the sea cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Agricamping Sophia a paradise of nature, history and culture.

Caravan / Motorhome: the shade of almond and olive trees, 12 sites are dedicated to stop campers and caravans, so well equipped with electricity and running water, drain well for gray and black water.

Tents surrounded by an olive grove, 17 pitches can accommodate tents of all sizes and types; 6 other tents are made in the shade of a small orchard.

Chalet in wood: (50 m², two bedrooms, dressing room, bathroom with shower, living room with kitchen, terrace, refrigerator and air conditioning) can accommodate 4 to 5 people.

Toilet In addition to guaranteeing basic services are equipped with a washing machine, showers (even hot) do not require any additional token (are free), with additional outdoor shower 3 points are scattered around the camping area.

Recreation area: dedicated to listening to music, jam sessions, a evening of live music.


Kitchen / Barbecue / Freezer / Refrigerator: There is a picnic area with two gas cookers and two barbecues in which to cook and enjoy their food, perhaps accompanied by the excellent wine of the nearby Vini Sultana, you can take advantage of freezers and refrigerators.


    Chalet in wood: (50 m², two bedrooms, dressing room, bathroom with shower, living room with kitchen, terrace, refrigerator and air conditioning) can accommodate 4 to 5 people.


      Breakfast, tasting local products. (Coming soon)


        The Agricamping Sophia is located between Pachino Marzamemi. Pachino is a country with a strong vocation agricolasi translates into excellent products such as cherry tomatoes and red wine Nero d'Avola. Marzamemi is an old Arab village, today a suburb of Pachino. Feature is the area of ​​Balata, with its ancient trap, the square (in September ospitail Film Festival Frontier) and the houses of fishermen. Famous culinary product is the roe of tuna. The Agricamping Sophia is surrounded by beautiful beaches and seaside districts, such as the nearby Spinazza, San Lorenzo, Morghella, the Amber Coast, Carratois and grains, many of which are popular destinations from windsurfers. The area is also rich in archaeological sites, such as the district Cugni, and caves inhabited in prehistoric times, including Corruggi and Calafarina. What remains are the ruins of two towers, Xibini and Fano, built in the Middle Ages in defense against Saracen invasions.
        Between Noto and Pachino, there is the Natural Reserve, a nature reserve, stop migration of many species of birds ericco archaeological site. Houses the charming beach Calamosche, more volteindicatacome most beautiful and clean beach of Italiadalla Blue Guide Legambiente.
        A little further south is Portopalo, small seafaring town, the entrance of which stands the castle liberty Tafuri. Part of its territory islands of Correntie Capo Passero (which remain the rovinedi a trap and a thirteenth-century fortress built by Charles V). Near Noto, you can visit the interesting Villa del Tellaro, Roman residence of the late imperial archaeological sites Castelluccio di Noto, a necropolis dating back to the Bronze Age, the ruins of Eloro, dacorinzi city founded in the eighth century BC , And Noto Antica, the ancient site of this important distruttoda a devastating earthquake in the Noto we know, eight kilometers downstream from the former site, is the result of reconstruction took place in the eighteenth century by leading architects and artists : that is the perfect baroque city under UNESCO protection.
        Also interesting is the nearby Ispica, rich in Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, near which are the Archeological Park Forzae several nature reserves (Cava d'Ispica, Maccone White, Brown and Longarini the marshes and the Isle of Leeks two kilometers from the coast). Fraction of Ispica is the famous seaside resort, the other regulars in the Blue Guide Legambiente, Santa Maria del Focallo.
        Nineteenth-century monumental churches are Rosolini.
        At the foot of the mountains Iblei in pressidi Avola, is the wonderful nature reserve Cavagrande Cassibile, a series of deep canyon where the river Cassibile gives rise acascate swimming ponds and walking along the famous Scala Cruci.
        Dall'Agricamping Sophia, in a short time, it is possible to reach the reserve Pantalica, situated between the rivers Anapo and Calcinara World Heritage Site, in which there is an extensive necropolis with thousands of graves dug into the rock.
        Is also worth visiting the nearby Modica, the baroque city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, in which there are hundreds of caves once inhabited. In the center of the necropolis spiccala Quartiriccio, with graves dating back to 2200 BC Of great artistic and historical interest are numerous churches, convents and secular buildings.
        Continuing along the Mediterranean coast we arrive at Pozzallo, another famous seaside resort cited in the Blue Guide
        Dubrovnik, UNESCO World Heritage Site, it inherits from its ancient history countless artistic and archaeological treasures. In 1693 it suffered the same fate of Noto was destroyed and rebuilt in the Baroque style peculiar of the Val di Noto. Famous is the magnificence of the district Ibla.
        It is not possible to conclude this 'tour' around dell'Agricamping Sophia without mentioning the island Ortigia, which is the oldest part of Siracusa, inhabited since the Bronze Age. The island contains the cathedral, costruitoin baroccoe style that incorporates the greek temple of Athena. Musts are the greek theater, still home to several plays, and the Ear of Dionysius. After the earthquake of 1693 many churches and palaces were built here in the Baroque style. Very important are the Regional Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi, and Bellomo Museum.
        Syracuse is the emblem of cultural heterogeneity that characterizes the whole of Sicily, the result of the many cultures that have left footprint over the millennia.

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