Vacation Home Casanova 

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Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the arts, museums and monuments.
 The accommodation is located near the nature, flora, fauna and countryside.

Price starting from: 20 €


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Accommodation: Vacation Home Casanova

Casa Vacanze Casanova is located in the quiet of nature in one of the most beautiful and least known of Tuscany.

Without forgetting that art, culture, sea, and, why not shopping, are within walking distance


    For those who like to stay away from chaos and feel at home, we provide an apartment in farmhouse with an independent developed on two levels.

    The ground floor consists of lounge and dining veranda kitchenette.

    The first floor is the sleeping area with 2 bedrooms served by a bathroom with shower



      * Breakfast area
      * Moka coffee
      * Capppuccino
      * Fresh juices
      * Packaged juices
      * Bread / fresh croissants
      * Tea / herbal teas
      * Chocolate / Barley
      * Yogurt
      * Cereal
      * Honey
      Jam *
      * Nutella
      * Cakes fresh
      * Meats / cheeses / eggs
      * Local products
      * Other



        * Near famous monuments and places
        * Area of art or archaeological / architectural
        * Cultural events and exhibitions
        * Area of food and wine itineraries
        * Local crafts
        * Old Town
        * Shopping
        * Immersed in nature (peace and relaxation)
        * Near sports facilities
        * Spas (health and wellness)
        * Gardens and landscapes