Campeggio La Primula 

Valle di Marco , 84066 Palinuro Caprioli Parco nazionale del Cilento (Salerno, Campania)   Type: Campeggio    Page visited 2949 times since 24.03.2014

Kind of Vacation:

 Pets and small pets are not allowed (dog, cat, etc.) allowed.
 The accommodation is located near the sea.

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Accommodation: Campeggio La Primula

structure has all the organizational features of a campground, but part of a program of enhancement and development of tourism environmental associations, schools, universities, research groups, which intend to carry out activities related to the environment, culture and local traditions . A holiday by the sea, near Capo Palinuro, where the harmony and beauty of the area will help you to discover the good habits that bring well-being in everyday life.


    The bungalow: four beds with possibility of extra beds. Interior facilities with hot shower, kitchenette, fridge, crockery, weekly change of sheets. Accommodations are available (Saturday to Saturday) starting at 16 and must be vacated by 10am.
    Additional services included in the price: parking, medical service, service station and the beach, game room, ping-pong, petanque, beach, umbrella and deckchair


      The private beach, equipped with beach umbrellas, deck chairs and parking adjacent, is accessible by minibus the camp site or by their own means. The cuisine is strictly linked to the Mediterranean tradition, is run by a family that takes care of the guests throughout their stay. All occupied dwellings are equipped with cooking facilities and a refrigerator for four people. Guests are welcome, availability, equipment and anything else to make it interesting and enjoyable vacation.

      The rest of the plots reserved for caravans and tents are large and shady. The market, the bar, the games, the arena complete the services available to guests.


        A reality integrated with the territory, where the holiday, travel, tours are a way of making tourism marvel at the beautiful scenery, local resources, integrating cultures.

        An opportunity to visit the National Park of Cilento and enjoy the sea from the terraces of the ancient medieval villages or join him along the paths that lead to the beautiful bays of the promontory.

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