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	 - PenneDuepiuinsieme - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - San Valentino in Abruzzo CiterioreColle della Selva - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - AbbateggioCase Catalano - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - AbbateggioFattoria Colle Luca - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - MoscufoCasolare Nonno Mario - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - ManoppelloMaria Burlini - Abruzzo - Pescara 
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	 - ManoppelloLa Meridina - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - MontesilvanoCasa Campagna - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - CollecorvinoLa Porta della Majella - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - San Valentino in Abruzzo CiterioreBiologico Il Portico - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - PenneLocanda del Barone - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - Caramanico TermeRipalta - Abruzzo - Pescara 
	 - Pietranico

Accommodations in Pescara

Agriturismo Le Tre Poiane

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Penne)
Agriturismo Le Tre Poiane (The three buzzard) and a recently opened facility located on the beautiful hills Pescaresi about 250mt of altitude.

The main building
Prices per person: min. 20

Country House Colle della Selva

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Abbateggio)
The company is located about 2 kilometers from the center of Abbateggio, typical rural village of Majella National Park, in Abruzzo, in a splendid panoramic position,
Prices per person: min. 25

Case Vacanze Duepiuinsieme

(Abruzzo - Pescara - San Valentino in Abruzzo Citer - Trovigliano)
Valentine's Day, the green heart of Abruzzo, only mountains and surrounding nature DuePiùInsieme a charming holiday house located in Majella National
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast La Meridina

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Montesilvano)
The exclusive B&B presents itself as ideal for exploring the many tourist attractions, historical, religious and cultural needs of this enchanting region.
Just a few
Prices per person: min. 25

Case Vacanze Casa Campagna

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Collecorvino)
Abruzzo Holiday Vacation
charming and romantic single house in the countryside, 17 Km.dal sea, 35Km from the Gran Sasso National Park, 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6, kitchen
Prices per person: min. 0

Country House La Porta della Majella

(Abruzzo - Pescara - San Valentino in Abruzzo Citer)
The Porta della Majella is a country house recently opened and sort through the renovation of an old farmhouse.
Prices per person: min. 27

Agriturismo Biologico Il Portico

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Penne)
Ancient renovated cottage in the green of olive trees in the hills at 300 m asl, about 25 Km from the sea and 20km from the mountain.

The company is led by
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Locanda del Barone

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Caramanico Terme - San Vittorino)
In the heart of the park Majella in an ancient village in abruzzo Caramanico baths, the house of Baron immersed in the green with large gardens is the ideal base for
Prices per person: min. 40

Agriturismo Ripalta

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Pietranico)
Renovated farmhouse in the high hill with views over the valley to the sea and the mountains surrounding the Maiella at Gran Sasso.
Surrounded by cultivated fields
Prices per person: min. 16

Bed and Breakfast La coccinella

(Abruzzo - Pescara - Carpineto della Nora)
The B&B is part of a structure composed of 3 apartments. The house, built in far has been entirely renovated in but were left intact as a characteristic of the ceiling in
Prices per person: min. 20