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Accommodations in Brindisi

Agriturismo Residenza Aurora

(Apulia - Brindisi - Ostuni)
The Aurora resident is among the trulli and the olive groves of Pascarosa old quarter of Ostuni, in Valle D'Itria. E 'a modern building with a brand new swimming pool
Prices per person: min. 35

Agriturismo Masseria Cappuccini

(Apulia - Brindisi - Ostuni - Galente)
The Masseria dates back to the seventeenth century. Consists of a group of Trulli, a swimming pool where guests can stay, the House Patronale, 20 hectares of land for
Prices per person: min. 35

Bed and Breakfast Masseria Casa Nostra

(Apulia - Brindisi - Fasano)
Masseria Casa Nostra is an elegant family run Bed and Breakfast property a few minutes distance from the clear blue waters and fine sandy beaches of Salvelletri, Puglia,
Prices per person: min. 24

Agriturismo Masseria Ferri

(Apulia - Brindisi - Ostuni)
Agriturismo Masseria Ferri in a very privileged position in the green, situated on the hillside of the town of Ostuni, about 20 Km from Ostuni and 5 km from Martina
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Antica Aia (Trulli)

(Apulia - Brindisi - Cisternino - Casalini)
Antica Aia (The Hague) is an old farmhouse dating back to Trulli at the end of the 800, with adjoining fully sovereign trullo carefully restored respecting the original
Prices per person: min. 35

Agriturismo Masseria Tola

(Apulia - Brindisi - Ostuni)
Among the green hills of the Valle D'Itria, 800 meters from the road to Ostuni Martina Franca welcomes you for a stay from an ancient Masseria nineteenth characteristics
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Il Monachicchio

(Apulia - Brindisi - Fasano - Selva di Fasano)
The structure of the new building, located in the center of Selva di Fasano at about 3km from the beautiful natural park of the Zoosafari Fasano, and about 10km from the
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Masseria Don Sante

(Apulia - Brindisi - Fasano)
Immersed in the greenery of an extensive olive grove of trees stands the Masseria, built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Counts by Sante, which takes its
Prices per person: min. 40

Hotel Eden

(Apulia - Brindisi - Fasano - Torre Canne)
The Hotel Eden is located in Torre Canne (Brindisi province), one of the sunniest of Puglia, just a few meters from the sandy beach and clear blue sea, is well placed in
Prices per person: min. 60

Bed and Breakfast Pietre Antiche

(Apulia - Brindisi - Mesagne)
The Bed & Beakfast Pietre Antiche (OLD STONE), takes its name from the immersive warmth with which the stones are left visible on the inside and facade of the house.
Prices per person: min. 30

Hotel Città Bianca

(Apulia - Brindisi - Ostuni)
In the heart of Puglia, immersed in the scenery of the Valle D 'Itria, between the ancient and majestic olive trees, surrounded by places famous for architectural beauty,
Prices per person: min. 39

Bed and Breakfast Il Pergolato

(Apulia - Brindisi - Fasano - Montalbano)
B&B Il Pergolato is an elegant mansion situated in a quiet downtown, a short distance from the sea. The pergola consists of 3 bedrooms, one double and 2 twin rooms with
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Masseria Incantalupi

(Apulia - Brindisi)
If you want a holiday on a farm near Brindisi, Enjoy the magic of comfort and services of the Masseria Incantalupi, accommodation in a charming XVII century building in
Prices per person: min. 70