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Accommodations in Salerno

Agriturismo Rifugio degli Dei

(Campania - Salerno - Positano)
“Rifugio degli Dei” rose from what was an ancient rural house built in the middle of the 8 century by our great-grandfathers, who, with knowledge and passion, were
Prices per person: min. 40

Agriturismo La Provvidenza

(Campania - Salerno - Capaccio)
The Farm La Provvidenza (The Providence) is in the municipality of Capaccio at Sabatelli, an old agricultural village 5 km from the temples of Paestum, in the vicinity of
Prices per person: min. 28

Villaggio Turistico Baia del Silenzio

(Campania - Salerno - Palinuro - Caprioli)
The vacation village Baia del Silenzio is located Caprioli, just few kilometers from Cape Palinuro, in Cilento National Park. Directly facing the sea and spreads out in
Prices per person: min. 0

Appartamento Casa Corbezzolo

(Campania - Salerno - Amalfi - Lone)
The apartment 'Corbezzolo' is a charming accommodation for those who want to spend a vacation in Costa d'Amalfi, ideal for friends traveling together or for couples
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast Casale Giancesare

(Campania - Salerno - Capaccio - Paestum)
Old stone farmhouse of the nineteenth century, completely renovated, immersed in the green of olive, mulberry trees and vineyards, located on the hills overlooking the
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo L'Incartata

(Campania - Salerno - Calvanico)
The file is a farm located in the heart of Campania, to Calvanico, in the province of Salerno.
Situated in the Parco Regionale dei Monti Picentini on the lower
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Bedebreakfastilys

(Campania - Salerno - Cava de' Tirreni - Corpo di Cava d Tirreni-Fraz.Badia.)
Near Salerno is a small village called Badia di Cava. The origins of this pretty village dating back to 1200.
The place is beautiful, surrounded by pleasant green
Prices per person: min. 35

Appartamento Casasasso7

(Campania - Salerno - Nocera Inferiore - Vescovado)
A solution with 5 beds, comfortable and cheapest way to visit places most 'famous and visited of Campania.
The house is located in Nocera Inferiore, in a barycentric
Prices per person: min. 20

Bed and Breakfast La Maison di Vitt

(Campania - Salerno - Castellabate - San Marco di Castellabate)
Lovely house with garden and orchard nestled in the green of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento.

Surrounded by green hills that stretch Castellabate until golden
Prices per person: min. 30

Affittacamere Domus Amabile

(Campania - Salerno - Roscigno)
Accommodation, family-run Roscigno lying in the heart of the Cilento National Park a short walk from the famous Old Roscigno.

Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Casale Degli Dei

(Campania - Salerno - Furore - San Giacomo)
It is said that Zeus with her nymphs decided to come for holidays and looking to enjoy the view of the divine coast, in the basement of this unique and unparalleled
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo Salella

(Campania - Salerno - Salento)
The farm 'Salella is immersed in the landscape of the Cilento National Park. It is located on the slopes of a hill, green with olive groves, vineyards, chestnut forests
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Casa Stella Marina

(Campania - Salerno - Praiano - Vettica Maggiore)
Casa Stella Marina is a bed and breakfast a family in the center of the Amalfi Coast.
It has 6 rooms, all equipped with private bathroom with shower or bath, toilet,
Prices per person: min. 35