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Accommodations in Pavia

Agriturismo Torrazzetta

(Lombardy - Pavia - Borgo Priolo - Torrazzetta)
Torrazzetta first farm in the province of Pavia (since it is located on the first hills of the Oltrepò Pavese. is located in an old farmhouse restructured in accordance
Prices per person: min. 37

Agriturismo Puppo Stefano

(Lombardy - Pavia - Bosnasco - Torrone)
Our company is located on the territory of the Municipality of Bosnasco (PV) on the first of the Oltrepò Pavese hills on the border with Emilia Romagna at an altitude of
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast Le Betulle

(Lombardy - Pavia - Certosa di Pavia)
Country house with large private garden and garage, situated at the Certosa di Pavia a few kilometers from Pavia - Milan and Vigevano, in a rural context in close contact
Prices per person: min. 24

Affittacamere La Certosa

(Lombardy - Pavia - Certosa di Pavia)
La Certosa (The Monastery) B&B offers its hospitality in a newly built house, built retaining the characteristics of typical farmhouses Lombard, immersed in the quiet
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo Casa Rè

(Lombardy - Pavia - Montecalvo Versiggia - Casa R)
The farm house Ré, situated on the gentle hills and sunny dell'Oltrepo
Pavese, in the heart of the Valle Versa, is the ideal place to spend soggiornitranquilli in
Prices per person: min. 45

Bed and Breakfast La vecchia cantina

(Lombardy - Pavia - Canneto Pavese)
The Bed and Breakfast La vecchia Cantina born of the recent total renovation and expansion of an old farmhouse located in the nineteenth Canneto Pavese Colombarone
Prices per person: min. 35

Bed and Breakfast Vecchionoce

(Lombardy - Pavia - Travaco Siccomario)
Bed & Breakfast Vecchio Noce (Old walnut), open from 1-4 to offer hospitality and comfort in an eighteenth-century farmhouse in the countryside of the Ticino park, just
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo La Sorgente

(Lombardy - Pavia - Varzi)
The Farmhouse 'La Sorgente' is located Varzi,
ancient medieval town and the main center of the high valley Staffora. Rises along the left bank of the river Staffora,
Prices per person: min. 45

Agriturismo Boccapane

(Lombardy - Pavia - Ruino - Pometo)
The farm is located in a green and lonely valley where it is really possible to find the contact with nature, large restaurant for 85 guests
4 double bedrooms with
Prices per person: min. 45

Bed and Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni

(Lombardy - Pavia - Montecalvo Versiggia)
The villa has three floors and is surrounded by a garden of 2500 m2.

The first floor is rented as a whole in an apartment (95 m2) for 4-6 people.

Prices per person: min. 60