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Accommodations in Carbonia-Iglesias

Bed and Breakfast Del Viale

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Carbonia - Bacu Abis)
The B&B Del Viale is a Bacu Abis, a small town in the Province of Carbonia-Iglesias, 3
Km from the sea, 10 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Porto Paglia, Middle
Prices per person: min. 25

Case Vacanze Il Rudere

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Gonnesa)
Two-room apartments and single-room apartments with loft wooden 2 km. from the sea.
Sites in the municipality of Porto straw Gonnesa location, the apartments are
Prices per person: min. 15

Hotel Tupei Resort

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Calasetta)
Our Resort is located in the south-west coast of Sardinia, is located in TUPEI, which takes its name, just two kilometers from Calasetta. Its position is strategic and
Prices per person: min. 39

Hotel Le Sabbie

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Calasetta)
The Hotel Le Sabbie, newly built hotel is located in the southwest of Sardinia, Calasetta, a small town on the island of S. Antioco.
The Hotel has 30 rooms, quiet
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo Fighezia

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Fluminimaggiore)
The farmhouse Fighezia is situated in south west Sardinia near to the Costa Verde, 4 km from the sea in the countryside in Fluminimaggiore and Buggerru. E 'built on a
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Sa Rocca

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Iglesias - Masua - Nebida)
A few minutes from the splendid sea of Masua and Caladomestica, lying sull'amena valley that leads to the old mining village Acquaresi, The Farmhouse 'SA ROCCA', newly
Prices per person: min. 25

Hotel La Valle

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Carloforte)
The Valley Hotel *** Restaurant is located at the center on the Island of San Pietro (south west of Sardinia), completely immersed in the green Mediterranean.
Prices per person: min. 30

Hotel Luci del faro

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Calasetta)
A few kilometers from Calasetta on the romantic Isle of Sant'antioco, Hotel Luci del Faro is located in front of the lighthouse Mangiabarche, on the grassy plain that
Prices per person: min. 46

Case Vacanze Carloforte

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Carloforte)
Our apartment was fully restored by returning to the interior beauty of the original stone walls, treated with care and left to view different parts of the apartment.
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast Il Nido

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Sant'Antioco)
The house is warm and welcoming of new construction, has a terrace and a common room.
Prices per person: min. 20

Bed and Breakfast Villa di Chiesa

(Sardinia - Carbonia-Iglesias - Iglesias)
apartment in the historical center, located on the third floor of a building dating back to the scene of the historic center 1900.nel several cultural and religious
Prices per person: min. 25