Da Cesare - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - San Vero MilisDomu de Palla - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - BauladuSu Fassoi - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - CabrasAlessandra - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - CabrasA casa di Maria - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - VillaurbanaWest Coast - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - CabrasLa Corte Di Lucina - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - TerralbaS'Ungroni Resort - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - NurachiIs Procilis - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - Palmas ArboreaSerras D'Ala - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - SiamaggioreIl Mirto - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - OristanoAristanis - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - OristanoS'Assentu - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - OristanoSanta Lucia - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - NurachiSa domo e Madalena - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - BosaDa Rosa - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - Cabrasil lupo rosso - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - Santu LussurgiuVillamarì Bosa - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - BosaOasi Naturalistica Belvedere - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - Nughedu Santa VittoriaSa Remada - Sardegna - Oristano 
	 - Oristano

Accommodations in Oristano

Hotel Da Cesare

(Sardinia - Oristano - San Vero Milis - Putzu Idu)
Hotel da Cesare ... a window on the sea of the wonderful Sinis. Fine beaches for sunbathing, clear waters for swimming and fishing, Cape Mannu for your desire to surf,
Prices per person: min. 40

Bed and Breakfast Domu de Palla

(Sardinia - Oristano - Bauladu)
Sa domu de Palla is on the west coast of Sardinia in a village in the province of Oristano, namely Bauladu.
The structure is independent of the family house, with
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo Serras D'Ala

(Sardinia - Oristano - Siamaggiore)
Structure in the open countryside possibility of large state spaces from the 1.5 km from the nearest beach and oristano km 8th hour cagliari
from Alghero and Olbia
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast Il Mirto

(Sardinia - Oristano - Oristano - Donigala Fenugheddu)
Our structure is a terraced house with a small front garden and a small courtyard at the rear
Prices per person: min. 25

Agriturismo Aristanis

(Sardinia - Oristano - Donigala Fenugheddu)
The Farm Aristanis, new construction, he began his activities in 2007.
At the gates of Oristano, offers the peace of the countryside and unspoiled beaches,
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast S'Assentu

(Sardinia - Oristano)
The b&b S'assentu because of its location at the heart of oristano in Cimarosa No. 40, is surrounded by all the services: post office, banks, shops in a particular market
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Santa Lucia

(Sardinia - Oristano - Nurachi)
The Bed & Breakfast Santa Lucia is located in the center of Nurachi, in the province of Oristano, on the west coast of Sardinia.
Place on the first floor of a house
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Sa domo e Madalena

(Sardinia - Oristano - Bosa)
My B&B offers very easy and comfortable to spend holidays or free time in the old medieval city 'of Bosa just 1.5 kilometers from the sea.

The rooms are located
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Da Rosa

(Sardinia - Oristano - Cabras)
Family atmosphere and airiness distinguish the B&B De Rosa. Located in the quiet suburbs of Cabras, the home of Rosa has several plans, including the first for the
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast il lupo rosso

(Sardinia - Oristano - Santu Lussurgiu)
It is a stone house on 3 floors, 800 fully renovated in 2010
is located in the historic center
away from beaches on the west coast only 22 km
Prices per person: min. 24

Bed and Breakfast Villamarì Bosa

(Sardinia - Oristano - Bosa)
At the base of the hill Malaspina, situated nearby the castle, the Bed and Breakfast Villamarì is the ideal place to spend a holiday in Bosa. The hospitality and
Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Oasi Naturalistica Belvedere

(Sardinia - Oristano - Nughedu Santa Vittoria)
The property is located in a natural oasis in the region of Sardinia, surrounded by a forest of cork oaks and is located on top of a hill where you can see the whole
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Sa Remada

(Sardinia - Oristano - Oristano )
The house, located on the ground floor offers guests three bedrooms (two doubles with air-conditioning and bathroom, and a triple), with TV and private bath, a relaxation
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Rita e Renzo

(Sardinia - Oristano - Riola Sardo)
The B&B 'da Rita e Renzo' in the land of Riola Sardo, is newly built, fully detached from the house owners and consists of 3 bedrooms with bathroom for guests.

Prices per person: min. 30