Ezzi Mannu - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - StintinoTerra e Sole - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - UriMeriagu - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroSara - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroLa Sirenetta *** - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroBaratz - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroLa stella Marina - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroI Ligustri - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - SassariDomus Piras - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroAlgueretta - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroNoemi - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - CastelsardoSos Aposentos - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - BessudeSonsierey - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - Algherocasa blù - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroLeonardo da vinci - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - Porto TorresJelithon - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - SorsoAlguer - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroBig Fish e Aba Maya - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroLubagnu Vacanze - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - CastelsardoEucalipti - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - AlgheroBouganvillea - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - Alghero''Abberi sas Ventanàs'' di Piera e Mari - Sardegna - Sassari 
	 - Osilo

Accommodations in Sassari

Agriturismo Ezzi Mannu

(Sardinia - Sassari - Stintino)
Agriturismo Ezzi Mannu - Sardinia

We are just 550 meters from the sea, the beach of Ezzi Mannu in Stintino (Sassari), which you see illustrated in the photos.
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Il Girasole

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero)
The B&B Il Girasole is located in Alghero.é composed of 3 rooms with private bathroom, kitchen and large garden. It 'easy to reach by any means of transport being only
Prices per person: min. 20

Agriturismo Domo de Pedra

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero - Tottubella)
Domos DE PEDRA and a cozy farmhouse located at Tottubella site and surrounded by flat Nurra (Sassari). The town is very quiet, ideal for your relaxation.

Prices per person: min. 30

Agriturismo Le Camelie

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero - Fertilia )
Agriturismo b&b in Alghero The camellias close to the sea. For 6 guests spacious and comfortable rooms with private bath, refrigerator. Ample parking, garden, gazebo with
Prices per person: min. 25

Bed and Breakfast Marcosedelgolfo

(Sardinia - Sassari - Sorso)
Our house and ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation in the home of friends, but given the position is also the place from where it easily' will reach the most
Prices per person: min. 20

Agriturismo Cala Scoglietti

(Sardinia - Sassari - Stintino)
The farmhouse is situated in the north-west of the island, and more specifically in the town of Stintino in 'Pedru Nieddu'.
The farmhouse is situated in a wonderful
Prices per person: min. 20

Bed and Breakfast Su Sirvone

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero - Maristella)
SU SIRVONE BED & BREAKFAST is located in the small and charming village of Maristella Porto Conte on-street
for the famous promontory of Capo Caccia and is 12 km
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Casa Mamì

(Sardinia - Sassari)
A House Apartments very elegant in the center of the city in a newly renovated building dedicated exclusively to our structure.
Prices per person: min. 0

Bed and Breakfast Villa Loreto

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero)
Villa Loreto is located just 2km from the charming town of Alghero, the hotel surrounded by nature, suggests in particular environments pietra.L 'hospitality is warm and
Prices per person: min. 40

Bed and Breakfast Rosso di Sera

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero)
The B&B Rosso di Sera (RED IN THE EVENING) is in a wonderful olive grove of about 2 hectares in the zone called 'Valverde', just 5 min. by car from the historic center of
Prices per person: min. 40

Bed and Breakfast La Yucca

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero - SA SEGADA - AEROPORTO)
The Bed & Breakfast La Yucca, immersed in the quiet countryside, in a beautiful garden and an orchard, is situated on the ground floor of an elegant villa at about 10 km
Prices per person: min. 30

Bed and Breakfast Eden Green

(Sardinia - Sassari - Alghero)
Eden Green ... Just 3 minutes from the sea of Alghero!
Alghero is a small and intense Catalan jewel that will give you surprises and unusual delights. Living in
Prices per person: min. 30