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The region of Liguria is made up of four provinces: the capital Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona. It is located in the north-west of the Italian peninsula and is bordered to the west by France to the south by the Ligurian Sea to the east and to the north of Tuscany with Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. Its territory is mountainous and hilly, includes the Maritime Alps, called the Ligurian Alps and the highest peaks are Mount Shrine (2200 meters) and Mount Mongioe (2360 meters). Liguria has the shape of an arc so narrow that goes to form the Gulf of Genoa. The main rivers that flow in Liguria are of torrential such as Roja, the Arroscia and the Empire. There are many regional parks, three nature reserves, mountain communities even in a national park. In Genoa, is a marine protected area (Portofino Marine Reserve), even the Golfo Paradiso and Tigullio areas are very special to draw the attention of tourists. In the province the main streams that flow are the Polcevera (26 km) and the Bisagno (30 km). Imperia, another province of Liguria, its economy is based primarily on tourism thanks to the bathing establishments. La Spezia is characterized by a heterogeneous territory, passing it from the Gulf and the Riviera where the coast is mostly rocky, the hills of Val di Magra to the Apuan Alps, the Val di Vara to see it from above looks like the backbone of the whole territory belongs to. The rest is almost entirely made ??up of the basin of the river Magra. The fourth province of Liguria Savona which has several regional parks, nature reserves (Bergeggi Island) and caves (Grotta della Basura). There are also two main mountain ranges: the Ligurian Alps and the Ligurian Apennines.
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Villaggio del Sole

(Liguria - Imperia - Ventimiglia)
Villaggio del Sole is situated on the rolling hills of Ventimiglia, famous for its mild climate all year round.

At our facility, you can enjoy an outdoor pool
Prices per person: min. 35

Camping Delle Rose

(Liguria - Imperia - Isolabona)
A stone's throw from the medieval village of Isolabona, only 102nd m above sea level, Camping Rose offers spacious pitches, shaded, spread over extensive natural terraces
Prices per person: min. 8