Holidays with animals in Italy

In Italy there are many facilities that allow you to bring along their pets, most often dogs and cats during the holidays. The animals are said to be our best friends, and what better way to take a vacation with them! In this portal you will find listed all the hotels in Italy that accept dogs, cats and other pets, there are many B & Bs, Rural Homes, Hotels, Apartment Houses and Residences in the mountains, by the sea but also in the cities' art. Whenever we want to take a holiday the question that comes up is always the same: to whom I leave my dog / cat? The alternatives are not many and the best solution is to take them with you, the many facilities located throughout Italy that allow it offer many services to our pets, such as open spaces where your pets can enjoy nature and the great outdoors that allow them to run and play alone, with each other but also with their masters, so there is no worry.

Holidays with your pets